Chibi Chibilyn's You Know You Watch WAY Too Much Sailor Moon When...

Here are some ways that you can tell if you watch WAY too much Sailor Moon. This list uses references from all versions of Sailor Moon. Submissions are welcome, and can be sent to I have decided not to bring back the Starfox memorial because you can see the entire original list and more here I discovered a copy of my old list and was able to re-add the ones that I had forgotten. Yay!

Please note: If you see these specific examples repeated anywhere else but here, they are being ripped off from my site without my knowledge or permission. Most of these, with the exception of the ones that have names next to them, are originally thought up by me, and I do not give permission for them to be reproduced anywhere else.

You know you watch WAY too much Sailor Moon when...

1. You think the Monty Python movie Search For the Holy Grail has something to do with Sailor Moon S.

2. You're watching episodes of Sailor Stars at Harvard and you start looking for "Mamo-chan" around campus

3.You've added the words "chibi chibi" to the end of all your spoken sentences.

4. Your principal and the cops consider a rose to be a projectile weapon around you. from Empressari

5. You heard about a Tamagotchi turning into a fighter for justice and you thoufght about Sailor Moon. from Makoto 238

6. You have pictures of your favorite senshi in your wallet instead of your girlfriend.from Ben C. who has pictures of Sailor Jupiter in his wallet.

7. You live in Australia and you think Serena is a real "dag" from Eminence

8. You name video game characters after Sailor Moon characters.

9. You thought that the scene in Titanic where Rose jumps off the ship to be with Jack wasn't as romantic as the scene from Sailor Moon where Princess Serenity jumped off the balcony to be with Prince Endymion

10. You'd rather listen to My Only Love from Sailor Moon than My Heart Will Go On fromTitanic

11. You dot your i's with little odango. (meatballs)

12. You were disappointed when you found out that Takeuchi-sensei's new manga Amie has nothing to do with Ami Mizuno.

13. You think the NT in Windows NT stands for Naoko Takeuchi.

14. You're not scared of thunderstorms anymore because you know that they're only Sailor Jupiter fighting a youma.

15. You're listening to the soundtrack of Phantom of the Opera and you can't help but think of Tuxedo Mask.

16. You call your mother "mama-chan."

17. You actually do call your mother "mama-chan," only one day you slip and say "mamo-chan" and your mother says "You've been watching Sailor Moon again, haven't you?"

18. Whenever you hear "I love you, you love me..." you start to sing "Rain or shine, I'm happiest, When I'm with Tuxedo Mask..."

19. You heard that there are 17 new episodes and you jumped up and down for joy.

20. You can no longer eat chocolate parfait without crying.

21. Whenever you hear the phrase "warrior princess" you think of Sailor Moon.

22. You think that Lucy Lawless-Tapert should play Zoicite in the live action Sailor Moon movie because she looked just like Zoicite did in Kitty Chaos when she crawled through a tunnel full of rats.

23. You don't want a diamond wedding ring, you want a big heart shaped opal.

24. You want Sailor Mars to teach you how to run in high heels.

25. You superglued a crescent moon to your cat's forehead.

26. You name your cats after Luna, Diana, or Artemis.

27. You spend hours in your local video arcade trying to beat all the games so that you can find out if the Senshi's secret command center is hidden beneath one of them.

28. You often wonder what Luna's/Artemis'/Diana's first word was.

29. Whenever someone comes up behind you and starts to count "one...two...three..." for some reason you just start to scream uncontrollably.

30. The only shade of lipstick you ever wear anymore is fuschia pink.

31. Your Chemistry teacher gives you a test on the Periodic Table of the Elements and the only ones you can remember are Beryllium, Plutonium, Uranium, Neptunium, Rhenium, and Selenide.

32. You think the element Rhenium is named after Renie.

32. You're listening to the soundtrack of Phantom of the Opera and you can't help but think of Tuxedo Mask.

33. You look at Serena and Darien and think "I want it that way...."

34. You would a million times rather hear "Chibi Chibi" than "Pika Pika...."

35. You have a bumper sticker on your car that says "Don't blame me, I voted for (Neo) Queen Serenity.

36. You can sing the Sailor Moon theme song in 4 or more different languages.

37. You dot your "i's" with little odango (meatballs).

38. You secretly pretend that your cat is related to Luna, Diana, or Artemis.

39. You often wonder: "If Mercury is the planet closest to the sun, and therefore the hottest planet, why are all of Sailor Mercury's attacks associated with ice and water?!"

40. You call your Homeroom teacher "Miss H" and her last name isn't Haruna.

41. You are taking the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and the section marked "Usage and Expression" seems to be "Usagi and Expression". from: Chibi-Uranus

42. Your love life is running parrallel to Serena and Darien's. From: Rini

43. You spend all your time trying to prove that you do not watch too much Sailor Moon. I forgot who sent me this one, but thank you!

44. Your parent/guardian can be heard singing the Sailor Moon theme because you sing it so much, she memorized it. from Sailor Earth

45. You convince your best friend that she is Sailor Sun, and she doesn't even like Sailor Moon. from Sailor Earth

46. You scream random attack phrases in your sleep. from Sailor Earth

47. You dream that you're Sailor Moon, and you're a guy. from David W.

48. You live on a street called Luna P and people think that you live on the Luna Ball from Chikolele

49. You read about a place called Lakedaimon in The Odyssey and you think of Sailor Moon.

50. You see the girl with the pink boots on in the Macarena video and you swear it's Chibi Moon

51. You grow your hair for years to have meatballs, and when you can't get them to look right you cut your hair as short as Amy's. from Moon Sailor Scout

52. You're studying cnidarians in Biology and you goof up and say "my Darien."

53. There is a company called moon cheese comp. You call it Moon Cosmic Compact. from Digis Tenchi7

54. When you are playing pool, someone accidentally aims the blue ball at you, it hits you and you yell uncontrollably "No! Dont look at my dream, it's not golden, Para Para!" from Digis Tenchi7

55. You paint your basketball black, put a cresent moon sticker on it's head, and call it Luna P. from Nikki W.

56. You're reading this on comercial breaks from you fifth SailorMoon marathon the week. from Nikki W.

57. Your only friend is a little black ball that, when you are feeling paticularly depressed, you imagine becomes anything you want. from Nikki W.

58. It acually DOES become anything you want. from Nikki W.

59. To you, SailorMoon is the news. from Nikki W.

60. You sneak out at night to fight crime in a fuku. from Nikki W.

61. You think that pens CAN change people's looks instantly. from Logan Eternity.  

62. A friend goes to give your little sister a flower you throw her out of the way and scream something about their heart crystal. from Logan Eternity.  

63. You want hair like Mistress 9. from Logan Eternity.

64. You have hair like Mistress 9.


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