December 14, 2001 Someone deleted all the files on my old computer. My webpage and its backups are gone. That means I don't have any pictures to re-upload to the page. I don't know what I'm going to do about this site anymore.

November 19 2001: Fixed some links at the links page

October 26, 2001: Crosswinds has wiped out the picture gallery (again) x.x I don't know exactly why, but they have had some downtime recently. This means the gallery has to be completely re-uploaded. x.x I'm thinking of moving the gallery to a more stable provider, but first I have to find one. The picture gallery *will* be back, but it will take some time. I'm in the thick of school right now. Also, about the video pages, the person who sells the videos seems to have stopped. I don't have anything to do with the selling of the videos and I don't know the guy's new address. Please do not email me asking about the videos. Finally, I've added a couple of new YKYWWTMSMW's. It's not much, but it's something.

September 1 2001, Hi I'm sorry for the long period without updates. Sailor Dumas told me than YTV Canada will airs the Sailor Moon movies on October 8, check YTV's website for more details . In Australia Sailor Moon will be back on Monday September 17 on Fox Kids Australia (not confusing with Fox Kids USA) go to SOS Australia for additionnals infos.

July 7 2001, I hope you enjoyed Canada's Day and Independance Day, I fixed the link to Sailor Pacifica's SM sarcastic and Cynical page (It now also included others animes like Escaflowne, Fushigi Yuugi.

June 20 2001, Sailor Dumas told me than the rumors about Sailors Stars who was posted at Anime on TV and on the newsgroup was false, we apologizes for all the inconviences and trouble we created.

June 18 2001, At Anime On TV( ) website in the news of June 17 2001, there a rumor than Toonami will begin to air SM Stars series on July 27 but it's only a rumor for now. We will wait and see until July 27.

May 19 2001, I'm sorry for not updating so often, real-life priorities like school and work taked a lot of my time. SM is no more on Toonami until new order and YTV in Canada begins to air SM SuperS.

March 29 2001, updated the link to Sailor Moon Top 20 webpage and added a link to the SM Crossovers Archives.

February 15 2001, added the link to Lyric Moon at the links page.

February 11 2001, updated the links of Cookie Day, Manga Style and Andy Lin's anime page. Removed the link of the Voice Acting Ressource Center.

February 6 2001, Sailor Dumas told me than YTV Canada re-airs SM at noon (Eastern Time) since Yesterday, homever they beginned with the first episode of SM; "A Moon Star is Born".

January 18 2001, updated the link of SM Ressouces (now renamed Crescent Locus) and added the link to the SM FAQ Central at the FAQ page

December 29 2000, updated the links of Usagi's Bunny funny page and Elizabeth Sailor Moon page

December 11, 2000 I removed the guestbook. If you have something to say about the site, you can email me. Sorry about the lack of updates recently. I'm thinking of adding a new feature to the site, but it probably won't be until after the holidays. Also added a couple of new YKYWWTMSMW's.

December 1 2000, Fixed the link of Senshi TV/Fumei Anime

November 18, 2000 Fixed the links of Moon Groove and Anna's Gallery at the links page.

October 2, 2000 Added a couple new YKYWWTMSMW's.

September 28. 2000 Super S began yesterday on Cartoon Network, updated some links at the links page

September 2, 2000 Sailor Dumas found this info on posted by Geoff Dias for Canadians SM fans, YTV will show SMS on Tuesday September 12

August 19, 2000 After so much time, the image gallery is now up. Enjoy! I just realized that school starts on Monday....

August 16, 2000. Added a new merchandise link and some new YKYWWTMSMW's. Unfortuntely, there were no entries to the contest. If only I could find a decent set of link images I could get the pic gallery up...

August 16, 2000 Sorry for the lack of updates recently, Sailor Dumas learned a news than he found on; Pioneer will release unedited subs tapes of SMS and SMSS uncut and a DVD uncut dub as well

July 27, 2000 Changed the guestbook. Also tweaked some info and fixed the banners for Chibimoon and Pluto somewhere in between now and before. As of today I have not received any entries for the contest....hmm, now how am I going to get the gallery up?

July 13 2000, Added the NA name for Sailor Saturn and surprise! They kept Hotaru's original name in the NA dub.

July 11 2000, Yesterday on Cartoon Network, Pluto's NA name is revealed, it's Trista! Celia along with Corinn and Nerissa names is only used for the Irwin dolls sets released in Canada in 1998. Sailor Dumas found this interesting opinion on posted by Edward Chang about Pluto's NA name"Pluto's name is Trista. Why is this good? Somebody was really clever here... "Setsuna" can be considered a derivative of the adjectival "setsunai", meaning "sadness". "Trista" may not be a name (as far as I know), but it is derived from the Latin for "sad" (at least, that's what I'm assuming... I take Spanish, and I know "triste" works, so I'm assuming the Latin is the same). Hence, Trista is in actuality a very good name for Setsuna. I applaud whomever thought that one up."

July 1 2000, Happy Canada day and Happy 4th of July! Updated the link of the Haruka Tenoh Shrine, Planète Sailor and replaced the link of the Sailor Moon Cel Gallery by "The Kid's Sailor Moon Fanfic and Commentary Page", the maintener of the site have interesting comments about the movies and the SMS dub.

June 28, 2000: Added the NA names of the dub for Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, Uranus name is Amara and Neptune's name is Michelle, Corinn and Nerissa are only used for the Irwin dolls set they released in Canada in 1998.

June 21 2000: Sailor Dumas received this info from a mailing list writted by Kasumi, and all Canadians SM fans will probably like this info: "This is from "Excerpted from the official newsletter release by Canadian broadcaster YTV: Since we been receiving many, many e-mails asking about YTV's anime programs, we have created a special Anime Newsletter packed full of information. And as a YTV viewer who has asked us about our anime shows, you get a copy (don't you feel special)!!! SAILOR MOON: GOOD NEWS!!!! YTV will be airing BRAND NEW 'Sailor Moon' episodes this Fall!!! However, at this time we are still unable to tell you how many episodes we will have or what days/times they will air. Please stay tuned to YTV for info on our Fall schedule launch in September. YTV currently holds the rights to air the first 82 episodes of 'Sailor Moon', which we will be airing throughout the Summer. You can catch 'Sailor Moon' on Fridays at 6:30pm E/P and Sundays at 4pm E/P. Although we know that all you fans would LOVE to see it aired more often, we do not have plans to adjust our present schedule. We are sorry if this is disappointing for you to hear, however, we hope you can understand that the programs and timeslots in our current schedule have already been confirmed and cannot be changed. Please be assured that all feedback has been forwarded to our Programming Department for their consideration. " They go on to talk about other anime appearing on YTV. Check for more details."

June 10 2000, Added Kousagi's profile, a few links, some new YKYWWTMSMW, and tweaked some info here and there. A note from Rachel: The word "manga" has no "s." I know you guys want pix! I'm working on it, really I am!

Sailor Dumas sent me this info than he found on the newsgroup posted by Brad Lascelle: "Just got word via E-Mail that YTV is presently negotiating to bring SMS and SuperS to Canada and that they're shooting for an expected release around mid-September at this time.  Don't chalk this up in stone just yet... as that's an unconfirmed date.  But it's what the current gameplan is.  YTV's Viewer Relations box is already getting flooded with requests and interest in the new eps, so I'd expect some kind of form letter to be mailed out and possibly an update on the site once a fixed agreement has been nailed down. The bad news is that the States will be getting the eps a full three months in advance... but the good news is that YTV will have more time to heavily hype the new episodes, they'll be packaged around and will benefit from new fall season hype, the episodes will run seamlessly in one shot from SMS on through to SuperS, and there won't be a chance of the run being halted or interrupted due to production delays at Optimum. Anyone envision a new Zone lineup featuring Sailor Moon S & SuperS, Pokemon G/S, Gundam Wing, and Dragonball Z?  Doesn't sound too shabby to me.  ^_^"

If you want to e-mail to YTV Canada about SMS, Sailor Dumas found an other info posted by Geoff Dias (on the same newsgroup) the following instructions: "What I would suggest is to politely drop them a line, if you would like to see the new eps. And email does work in this case. Snail mail isn't a necessity here if you want to get your point across. No petitions, no Pop Tarts, and no huge campaign. YTV is one of those rare networks that are actually responsive to viewer input. A lot of volume may accelerate their efforts on obtaining rights. 

June 5 2000, It's no longer a rumor, Cartoon Network will air SMS, starting Monday June 12, check your local TV Guide for more infos or the Cartoon Network website. No news on the side of the Great White North from YTV Canada.

May 11 2000, Link to Alpin's Sailor Moon Archive is updated. Also Anna re-opened her fanart gallery page and I put a link to her new page. It seems than Cartoon Network will probably airs SMS and SMSS for more infos check the Toonami FAQ I don't know if YTV Canada (the network who airs Sailor Moon in Canada) will airs SMS and SMSS as well

April 14, 2000 Sorry I haven't updated in so long! I'm working on the picture gallery. I've discovered a nifty new program that automatically generates image galleries. It can do coding in seconds that took me days to type up! So all I have to do now is upload the pix. I'll be adding new links soon too, and touching up some info here and there.

April 2 2000, Happy Easter everyone! Updated the link to the Sailor Moon Nexus and add a link to Glass Roses Distribution and Glen.A.Pearce at the FAQ section. There some new rumors than Dic will dub SMS and SMSS series, but this is only a rumor for now until new order! Homever that's affects the fansubs distribution, Glen A.Pearce have more info on his page

March 1 2000, updated the links of Senshi Battle Zone,Sailor Moon au Québec, Marie's BSSM's Mpeg and Sketter's Sailor Jupiter Evolution at the links page

February 1, 2000 Replaced Janelle's Everchanging Soon Moon Gateway (EMSG) page by Bishounen.ORG (Janelle's new page, a excellent page to visit). I suggest to read this note about what's happened to the ESMG and I understand her decision.

January 2, 2000 My YKYWWTMSMW list is up. Pictures are next. I have a lot of pictures and am not sure how I want to design the page, or if I have the energy for all that coding. Expect it to happen slowly over the next few days/weeks.

January 1, 2000 Sorry I haven't updated in so long! Thanks to Sailor Dumas for coming in to update the links. Life has been wild to say the least. Added some links to pages and merchandise. Also, today I'd like to note the passing of my poor neglected little webpage. Chibi Chibilyn's Sailor Moon Page has now become part of net history. *sniff* Apparently it was lost during a server crash. I poured a lot of energy and affection into that page, but now I'd rather devote that energy and affection to making the legend real. I'll continue to update this page, however, just so that I don't totally lose my pagemaking skills. (I discovered yesterday that it's something one forgets if it's not practiced.) In light of recent events, I'll be putting up a pic gallery and moving my YKYWWTMSMW list (cause I like it) here.

December 17, 1999 Added some links at the links page. Happy Holidays!

November 15, 1999 Fixed the link to DIRE and removed temporarely the link to Anna's Sailor Moon Gallery

October 29, 1999, Happy Halloween! Removed the link to the Complete Sailor Moon page, updated the links to the Voice Acting Ressource Center and Senshi Battle Zone.

September 22, 1999 Updated the links of Sailor Jupiter's Sailor links page and Sailor Search.

September 6, 1999 Fixed the links to webpages located at Anime City,Marie's BSSM Mpegs and Sailor Moon Nexus.

August 11, 1999 I changed the background on the FAQ and the pix on Mars' profile just cause I felt like it. I scanned the FAQ background myself, so please don't take it!

August 6.1999 Put up the Moonie Merchandise links page.

August 4, 1999 I found a nice pic, so I changed the background of Rei's profile. Also added link to Elizabeth's Sailor Moon page, updated link to the SM FAQ, and added another bunny background to this site's FAQ.

August 3, 1999 Helios' profile is done, credits are updated, and I added a background to this page. All the profiles are done! Yay :)

August 1, 1999 I added one more piece of extra info to Usagi's profile about Sailor Cosmos. Also put up the new history section, attached to the "story" link.

July 28,1999 I updated the fanfic section today. I corrected some grammatical errors in the one there was and I'll be adding the one that I got some time ago. I've decided that I don't want to have any more fanfics on this page because I don't like them. I'd rather put up music and a gallery than fanfics. But for all you wanna be fanfic writers I'll give you one last week to email in your fanfics for possible inclusion here. No hentai. You have until August 5th. Any fanfics received after that date will be returned.

July 27, 1999 Completed remodel of Chibiusa's, Chibi Chibi's, and the Starlights profiles today. I know the table font for Chibi Chibi doesn't match the rest of the page, but I'm feeling too lazy to fix it right now...hehe sorry, I'll do it some other update.

July 26, 1999 After taking a little vacation I finally put up Mamoru's long long long profile :) I also decided to change all the names in the mini files to the Japanese names, because I like them better.

July 20,1999 Completed remodel of links page

July 18, 1999 Completed remodel of all outer senshi profiles today.

July 17, 1999 Completed remodel of Makoto and Minako's profiles. Setsuna's was also updated, but isn't done yet.

July 16, 1999 Completed remodel of Rei's profile and updated the link to Sailor Dumas' page.

July15. 1999 Completed remodel of Usagi and Ami's profiles. Is Usagi's pink text too hard for you guys to read?

July 12, 1999 I switched around the history and the TV show pages. The TV show page will eventually become a series summary based on the anime. The history page will be a history of Sailor Moon itself. I also chose to update Sailor Saturn's profile ahead of schedule. It's not totally done but some wrong info was corrected and some new info was added.

July 11, 1999 I rearranged this page so that the most recent updates are at the top. That way, you can see them without having to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page :)Uploaded the new pages. New guestbook, counter, image map, and I reorganized the front page a little. Also changed the author page :)

July 10, 1999 It took me a while to play with the index page to get it looking something like I wanted it to. It still doesn't look quite right....hmm....

July 7, 1999 I am proud, excited, and happy to announce that I, Chibi Chibilyn am the new maintainer of the Sailor Moon Never Seen homepage. After several months of hard work on this page, Sailor Dumas has decided to "pass the Olympic Flame" :) that is Sailor Moon Never Seen on to me, so that she can work on some other great anime pages. Thank you Sailor Dumas for all the great work that you've done on this site. You will always be a be a very important part of Sailor Moon Never Seen. Thank you for allowing me to preserve this site for the Moonies of the future :)

July 4,1999: Happy Independance Day, fixed the link to Anime Pitstop and Sailor Moon Nexus,replaced What's In a name?A SM page by Sae's Distants Reamls, Sailor Moon Never Seen will soon be on the hands of another webmaster, I'll keep the name secret until new order.

July 1 1999: Happy Canada day, Sailor Moon Never Seen has moved here Please update your bookmarks

June 19 1999: put the pictures of the Inners(except Serena/Usagi)and the Outers,Anime Pitstop's link is removed.

May 18 1999: replaced the link of Mangaseeker to Mangacenter, updated the link to Sailor Pacifica's page

April 28 1999: Added the first fanfic: "Deep Water" by Auston

April 27 1999: Fixed some mispelled faults as the Senshis bios(thanks to Ilene Enright,Anakin Leuquarte and Chibi Chibilyn and removed temporarily the link to the Pit of the Lunar Inquisition

April 2 1999: Fix the link to Mangaseeker

April 8 1999: Add the links to mirror sites of Anime Turnpike,SOS,"What's in the name? A SM page", updated the link to DIRE

March 20 1999: I decided to put a fanfiction library, if you have a good story, you can send me one but you must see my conditions at the Fanfictions page

Februrary 20 1999: A big thanks you to Kristina alias JupiterKat to sending me the Senshis bios of her late page Sailor Senshi Planet Pride,as for the German SM files, I don't know depsite than I never learned German, I study the possibility to revive SM Germany, I haven't decicded yet

February 10 1999: fixed all links which websites are located at Anime City

February 6 1999
fixed some links at the links page

January 27 1999 Receive SM files from David Jatzke,maintener of the late SM Gemrmany (a German SM page)and columnist at the German web magazine Neo-Ami so some of them will be came up to the site(after I translate them in English) add an other question to the FAQ

January 11 1999- put the Faq on a separate page.

January 9 1999
thanks to an other piece of souvenir of SMNS founded elsewhere, I made a cosmetic renovation at the Story section

December 18 1998
Sorry for the lack of updates,I'm very besy with real-life stuffs. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

November 27 1998
I add some links, and be ready on November 30, the 17 new episodes will air on Cartoon Network at 4h00 PM(Eastern)

November 23 1998
I add a FAQ at the Videos Section

October 30 1998
Added the story section

October 29 1998
I add a pic at the videos section

October 21 1998
I moved my files to a new directory. Thanks to H»lÀne.

October 19 1998
Add a credits page

October 18 1998
Add a little section about the manga

October 16 1998.
Add a guestbook from Guestworld,a links page and the news page. Note than the news page is about SMNS website.

October 15 1998
After SMNS was shutted down around mid-June. I discovered a souvenir of SMNS located somewhere at Geocities. So I save this page and Iuploaded it in my Tripod server.