Here is a list of places where you can find all sorts of Sailor Moon merchandise, and it's in alphabetical order, too. :) Item descriptions are also availible for your convenience.

Abada's Universal Gifts Has dolls, toys, keychains, cards, nightlights, watches, bags, accessories, and the CD ROM game, but it's a very expensive place.

Action-Ace Has dolls, cards, toys, shirts, bags, the 6 CD memorial set at a very cheap price (but it's always sold out), and VCD's.

Anime Music Connection Plus Has CD's

Anime Plus Has posters and wall scrolls, but that's it.

Ani-Magic Has wall scrolls, posters, CD's and the artbooks. The artbooks are expensive though.

Ani-Store Has cards, toys, cookies, posters, bags, accesories, keychains, and some used Chinese manga.

George's Millenium Moon Merchandise Has T shirts, posters, dolls, toys, and accessories at reasonable prices.

Nikaku Animart Has accessories, cards, toys, kitchenware, the Lunarock CD (which is expensive here), the color anime comics, the Mixx Graphic Novels, most of the Japanese manga, posters, and cels.

The Place Has LOTS of Sailor Moon books and doujinshi, plus original Japanese videos, laserdiscs, and CD's. The CD's are the original Japanese versions, so they're expensive.

Rare Anime Products and Auctions Has Chinese version sets of the first 5 artbooks, and manga cards.

The Sailor Moon Specialty Store Has dolls, toys, videos, accessories, shirts, cards, stickers, scrolls, keychains, the CD ROM game, bags, and towels. Some of the stuff is expensive, and some of it is not.

Wizzywig Collectibles Has dolls, toys, cards, videos, accessories, jewelry, scrolls, bags, and puzzles.

If you know of any other places that carry Sailor Moon merchandise, please don't hesitate to email me and tell me about them :)