The Manga

SM is published by Kodansha and translated in many languages French,English,...

Hee where I leave (Québec,Canada) we're lucky to have the French manga published by Glénat,I have some copies and they do a great job(well at least for me) for translating the Inners names, personnaly I like the shortened name of Makoto, Mako. Raya for Mars, Minako,Amy and Bunny(the perfect translation of Usagi which means "Bunny of the moon".
As for the outers, they used the French dub names with the exception of Pluto, in the manga she named Séverine,in the French dub she named Sylvania. Note also the spell of the French dub name of Uranus "Frédérique"in the French anime dub,"Frédéric" in the manga tranlsation.

I was happy to learned than Mixx also translated for the USA market the manga until than Mixx moved SM to an other magazine, why? Check Eye on Mixx for more details. You can also go to Mixx Online for additionnal infos. Back to the main page