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Note: this is a FAQ about this website, not the SM FAQ. For the SM FAQ, please Go to Ken's page or the
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How in the world did YOU end up as keeper of this page?

I heard that Sailor Dumas was looking for someone to take care of this page. I asked her if I could do it and she said yes.

Who in the world are you anyway?

For more info about me please see the author section of this page.

What kinds of changes are you planning on making to this page?

I'm going to try not to change this page a lot from its original format. I know it's not as futuristic looking as some of the pages you see around these days, but sometimes simplicity is beautiful. Here's a partial list of some of the changes I was planning to make:

and generally do what I can to keep this site looking beautiful and unique, in the true tradition of Sailor Moon Never Seen.

I don't know if I'm going to continually update this page, or bring it up to a certain level and keep it as it is, after all I do have my very own Sailor Moon page to keep up as well, but hopefully SMNS will be here for a long time for many future Moonies to enjoy :)

Why is this page called "Sailor Moon Never Seen?"

Because this page is a tribute to the original Sailor Moon Never Seen webpage created by Hélène Beaulieu. The intent of this page is to present Sailor Moon fans around the world with rare and beautiful parts of Sailor Moon that they may never have seen before. Hence the title "Sailor Moon Never Seen."

Why did you change the picture on the image map on the front page?

The picture used now is similar to the one that was used on Sailor Moon Never Seen a long long time ago when Hélène owned it. (Does anyone else remember besides me? :) That's the first time I ever saw that pic and to this day it's still one of my absolute favorites

When will you finish the website?

Look for the changes above to be put into place over the next few weeks. Since I'm on Summer vacation right now I will probably have more time to update the site, but I'm not sure about how much time I will have for it once school starts.

Where I can find a SM Screen Saver or Multimedia Player?
You can find them at Otaku World

When is Sailor Moon on and where is being broadcast? Scott Delahunt gives lots of info about that,you can e-mail him at or check the newsgroup or this site.

Where I can find episodes,movies etc? Sailor Dumas says: You can find them here but I have only copies of the Dic episodes. Unfortunately there are Simpsons episodes on the same tapes. E-mail Edmond to get the Dic episodes,Japanese episodes and even tapes from the French SM dub You can also get some Japanese subbed copies at VKLL , Glass Roses Distribution,Glen A.Pearce or check Fansubs.Net for a list of distributors.

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