Chibi Chibilyn would like to thank:

Stéphane Dumas for allowing me to contunue the Sailor Moon Never Seen Website.

Guestbook 4 Free For the guestbook.

Ultimate Counter For the counter For the many wonderful pictures.

Sailor Scorpio For the Helios background.

Emily's Sailor Moon page For the bunny background on the updates page.

Star Goddess' Sailor Moon Galaxy for the Starlights pictures.

And all the people who email me and sign the guestbook every day with their praise and constructive criticism for this site. Hugs to all of you :)

Sailor Dumas would like to thank the following people
Angelfire & Tripod for hosting my websites.

Hélène Beaulieu and Tim Ryan who gives me permission to use her Sailor Moon Never Seen's webpage name title and a part of her webpage and for the vertical menu and the awesome background graphic of the main page..

Milie from Planéte Sailorand Hauka Tenoh maintener of theHaruka Tenoh Shrine for giving me some tips,help and advices

Free SM Graphics Society for the backgrounds that I hope to add soon.

Pictures are found at Anime City FTP Gallery, image library, Sailor Grub Reflections,Bianca SM Gallery.

David Jatzke for sending me some files and others pictures

A big thanks you toKristina alias JupiterKatfor sending me the Senshis bios for the late Sailor Senshi Planet Wide webpage that she's maintened it.

Thanks to Ilene Enright,Anakin Lequarte and Sailor Chibichibilyn to inform me for mispellings errors.

Guestworld for the guestbook

At last but not the least, Naoko Takeuchi who created SM,Kodansha who published her manga, Toei for the animated version, and AB production,Dic,Mixxine and GlÈnat.

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