Here is a picture of me...

Hee hee, OK, so that's not me, but it is a really cute picture of the kawaii character whose name is part of one of my net names. She's tied for first place as my favorite Sailor Moon character along with Usagi

I have been a fan ever since the series was brought to the US. Yes I do like the English Language dub. It is true that the dub has been changed a lot from the original version, but it also has its own moments of poingancy and humor that are unique only to the dub version. If not for the dub, I and many others may never have come to know the magic that is Sailor Moon.

I began to study Japanese after the dub went off the air, having been motivated by a desire to know what had happened to the characters whom I had enjoyed so much after the dub cruelly left fans hanging.Back then the only way I knew of to do that was to read the original Japanese version. had yet to experience the net. I studied Japanese in school for 3 years.

My first foray into the wild, crazy, everchanging world that is the net happened one day when my brother came home with a list of Sailor Moon sites and told me that I could find Sailor Moon info on the internet. Quizically smiling up at my nii-chan (big brother) I inquired "And just what is the internet?"

Famous last words, those...Boy was I ever about to find out. :)

My computer unlocked for me a new entrance into the Sailor Moon Universe. I met other people who were as nutty about the show as I was, and discovered email, chat rooms, spoilers, mailing lists, webpages, images galore, and fansubs... Ah... fansubs...

Inspired by what I saw, I taught myself HTML and made my own webpage. The design of both this page and that one are very simple compared to some of the sites out there today, but sometimes simplicity is good. My HTML knowledge is not as extensive as my Sailor Moon knowledge, if it was I'd have one heck of a site. :) But site design is just a little hobby that I practice in my spare time, something that I have precious little of these days :) Maybe, just maybe, someday I will be a true webmaster, but right now it's just a little hobby that falls near the bottom of a list of other hobbies. :)

I was also pleased to discover the existence of SOS. Theirs is a well-organized and determined effort to bring more Sailor Moon to the general public, not just the select group that can afford fansubs and understand Japanese. I have always supported and will continue to support their efforts until all of Sailor Moon is made availible to Moonies all around the English speaking world. Sure, they've made a few mistakes in their time, but humans tend to do that. :)

I was happy when Mixx brought the Sailor Moon Manga to the U.S, but still have copies of Alex Glover's translations stuck in a drawer somewhere. :)

Also, to my great delight, I discovered by complete and total coincidence that a previously undiscovered local station was airing the Spanish dub of Sailor Moon. I was watching a Sailor Moon video one day and I stopped the tape, and incredibly, there was Sailor Moon again, only in Spanish! In comparing their translations to VKLL's and the original Japanese episode summaries I found out that they were extremely accurate. Best of all, 199 eps (they skipped #89, a previews and clips ep) were shown with very little or no cuts at all. Not quite heaven, but definetly Crystal Tokyo ^_^ Sorry, bad joke :) I studied Spanish in school as well, but that was before I had begun studying Japanese. Spanish is much easier. :)

I also plan to begin studying French this year. I enjoy and have a knack for learning foreign languages. It opens one up to a greater understanding of people from other cultures. I have the last 3 French Sailor Moon Mangas as well. That should make for some fun studying :)

As you can see, my Sailor Moon background is quite extensive. That being as it is I have very little sympathy for "purists," nitpickers, or "dub bashers." My definition of a purist is someone who thinks that if something is not copied word for word, scene for scene, note for note from the original Japanese version of the show, then it is bad and wrong. A true Moonie would not bash other Moonies because they choose to enjoy a different form of the show than someone else. A true Moonie would try to learn as much about the show in as many different ways as possible.

Sailor Moon Never Seen was one of the first webpages I saw when I discovered the net in 1996 or 1997. I was impressed by the soft, delicate, simple, unique prettiness of it. I never dreamed that one day I'd be maintaining it, but now that I am I would like to try and preserve that soft, pretty uniqueness that makes the site what it is and at the same time keep it original and informative. Gambarimasu (I will try my best :)

I think that's pretty much all you need to know about me, if you've come this far, congratulations! Ordinary mortals would have passed out from boredom by now :)


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