"Uranus the sky god is my guardian, I am Sailor Uranus!"


Japanese name: Tenou Haruka
NA name: Amarah(in the anime),Corrine (Irwin Toys only)
Identities: Tenou Haruka, Sailor Uranus, Super Sailor Uranus
Meaning: Sky King
Blood type: B
Age: 16 in S. 18 in Stars
Birthday: January 27th
Sign: Aquarius
Hobbies: Driving, Racing, Running, Playing the Piano, any sports, Flirting with and teasing pretty girls
Fav. food: Salads
Least fav. food: Fermented Soybeans
Fav. color: Gold and Navy Blue
Fav. animal: Doesn't mention one
Fav. subject: Phys. Ed
Least fav. subject: Modern Japanese

Haruka's mini-file

Haruka is ruthless. It could be said that her motto is: "Fight now, and forget about asking questions." She will stop at nothing and sacrifice anything to achieve a goal. She takes her duty to protect Sailor Moon from anything outside of this solar system very seriously. She has a flagrant dislike for the Starlights, Seiya in particular, because she sees them as a threat to Usagi. She has a big sister type affection for Usagi and in the Japanese version calls her neko chan. (cute kitten) Oh, one more thing, Haruka is a FEMALE and only a FEMALE! She always has been and always will be.


Extra Info:

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