"I finally get to wear the uniform of a high school student! Look, isn't it beautiful?"


Japanese name: Tsukino Usagi
NA name: Serena
Identities: Tsukino Usagi, Serena, Sailor Moon, Princess Selenity, Neo Queen Selenity, Super Sailor Moon and Eternal Sailor Moon
Meaning: Rabbit of the moon
Blood type: O-
Age: 14 at the beginning, 16 at the end
Birthday: June 30th
Sign: Cancer
Hobbies: Eating, sleeping, shopping and playing video games
Fav. food: Peanutbutter and Jelly, Ice-cream and Cake
Least fav. food: Carrots
Fav. color: Pink
Fav. animal: Bunny Rabbit
Fav. subject: Sleeping and Lunch
Least fav. subject: Everything else

Usagi's Mini-File

Although Usagi is often clumsy, lazy, a crybaby, and becomes jealous easily, she is also sweet, loving, loyal, funny, and she would do anything to help a friend.

Extra Info:

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