"I felt a tremor go through the Gate of Time..."


Japanese name: Meiou Setsuna
NA name: Trista (Celia was used only for Irwin toys)
Identities: Meiou Setsuna,Sailor Pluto, Super Sailor Pluto
Meaning: Dark King
Blood type: A
Age: She is as old as time :)
Birthday: October 29th
Sign: Scorpio
Hobbies: Sewing
Fav. food: Green Tea
Least fav. food: Eggplant
Fav. color: Burgundy, Forest Green, and Black
Fav. animal: Doesn't mention one
Fav. subject: (was) Physics
Least fav. subject: (was) Music

Setsuna's mini-file

Sailor Pluto is the Solitary Soldier whose duty it is to guard the Gate of Time, through which time travel is possible. Ordinarily it is forbidden for her to leave her post, and since hardly anyone ever travels through time, she has very few visitors. She has held this lonely post ever since the time of the Silver Millenium. Her crush on King Endymion could possibly be due to the fact that he is the only man that she has ever met! She was finally allowed to leave her post for a while when her help was needed in the fight against the Death Busters, and again in the fight against Nepherenia and Galaxia, returning to Earth under the identity of Meiou Setsuna. She seems to sympathize a lot more with the original five girls, she doesn't really separate herself from them like Uranus and Neptune do.

Setsuna and the Small Lady

Setsuna is also very close to Chibiusa. This is evident both in the manga and the anime. She calls her "Small Lady," like her mother does. It's shown in the manga that they met one day when a sad and lonely Chibiusa was wandering in the depths of the Crystal Palace and came upon an ornate door. Inside, a Sailor Soldier stands shrouded in mist. Small Lady hastens to introduce herself, but Pluto already knows who she is. Using the magic of her Garnet Rod, she floods the floor of the room with flowers for Small Lady. They are two lonely ones who find a relief from loneliness in their friendship with one another.

Also, in the manga it was Pluto who got Chibiusa to revert back to her normal self when she was turned into Black Lady. Black Lady had managed to get a hold of both the Silver Crystals, the one from the present and the one from the future. It was said that if the two crystals are ever touched together, they would be destroyed. Pluto used her forbidden power to stop time just before Black Lady can bring the 2 crystals together. The use of this power almost kills her. Faced with the prospect of losing her best friend yet, the real Chibiusa managed to break through the evil spell and return to normal. Chibiusa's love for her friend saves both herself and Pluto, who is returned to life by the power of the Silver Crystal, which was activated by Chibiusa's love for her.

Extra Info:

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