"Neptune the sea god is my guardian. I am Sailor Neptune!"



Japanese name: Kaiou Michiru
NA name: Michelle(in the anime),Nerissa (Irwin Toys only)
Identities: Kaiou Michiru, Sailor Neptune, Super Sailor Neptune
Meaning: Ocean/Sea King
Blood type: O
Age: Age: 16 in S 18 in Stars
Birthday: March 6th
Sign: Pisces
Hobbies: Playing the Violin, Painting, Collecting Cosmetics, Swimming, Sculpting
Fav. food: Sashimi
Least fav. food: Mikurage Mushrooms
Fav. color: Marine Blue
Fav. animal: Any marine animal
Fav. subject: Music
Least fav. subject: None

Michiru's mini-file

Michiru is one of those people who can be a perfectionist without trying. Whatever she does, she does well. She is very refined, graceful, and sophisticated. To quote a poster: "Her appearance and manners are those of a madmoiselle."


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