"Code name: Sailor V! I have unrivaled style! The soldier of justice, the sailor-suited beautiful soldier, I am Sailor Venus!"


Japanese name: Aino Minako
NA name: Mina
Identities: Aino Minako, Mina, Sailor V, Sailor Venus, Super Sailor Venus
Meaning: lovely beauty
Blood type: B
Age: 14 at the beginning, 16 at the end
Birthday: October 22nd
Sign: Libra
Hobbies: Sports, Goofing off, Chashing after Idols, Going to Auditions
Fav. food: Pasta
Least fav. food: Shitake Mushrooms
Fav. color: Orange
Fav. animal: Birds
Fav. subject: Phys. Ed.
Least fav. subject: Everything Else

Minako's mini-file

Minako is always vivacious and full of energy. She always has romance on her mind. She's a lot like Usagi in a lot of ways. She seems to be more shallow than Usagi because she doesn't seem to have the same compassion and openness that are unique to Usagi alone.

Extra Info:

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