"Hey, odango."


Japanese name: Kou Seiya
NA name: none yet
Identities: Kou Seiya, Sailor Star Fighter
Meaning: Star Field Light
Blood type: A
Age: 16
Birthday: July 30th
Sign: Leo
Hobbies: Football
Fav. food: Hamburgers
Least fav. food: none
Fav. color: Bright Red
Fav. animal: Chameleon
Fav. subject: Phys Ed.
Least fav. subject: Literature

Seiya's mini file

Seiya is the lead vocalist for the Three Lights. The Three Lights came to Earth from the planet Kinmoku to search for their Princess, Princess Kakyuu, after their planet was destroyed. They are girls that dress up as guys, because it is easier for cute guys to find women. Being famous has made Seiya somewhat conceited. He is used to getting whatever and whoever he wants, and has no respect for the fact that Usagi is engaged to Mamoru. He pursues her anyway.

Seiya and Usagi

It's love at first sight for Seiya when he sees Usagi at the airport walking Mamoru to his plane. He teases and flirts with her, calling her "Odango" (dumpling). They even went out on a date. (He left Usagi no choice. He told her where to meet him then walked off before she could say anything.) He annoyed her at first, but they soon became friends. Usagi told Seiya that she was engaged to Mamoru, but he does not seem to care. At one point he even offers to "replace Mamoru" (Stars 194) But it's impossible to replace the other half of your soul. Some would rather see Seiya and Usagi together, saying that Seiya is better than Mamoru. True, Seiya does have a strong desire to protect those who are important to him, but Seiya is just a flirt and Mamoru is a true gentleman. There can be no real contest between them because Seiya wasn't meant to be a guy in the first place! The anime just made him that way, and Naoko Takeuchi was mad about it. Seiya did tell Usagi that he loves her, (Stars 194) but Usagi and Mamoru are destined to be together, and there's no way that Seiya could ever come between that. He returns to his planet with the other Starlights in the final ep.

Extra Info:

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