October 15 1998
After SMNS was shutted down around mid-June. I discovered a souvenir of SMNS located somewhere at Geocities. So I save this page and Iuploaded it in my Tripod server.
October 16 1998.
Add a guestbook from Guestworld,a links page and the news page. Note than the news page is about SMNS website.

October 18 1998
Add a little section about the manga

October 19 1998
Add a credits page

October 21 1998
I moved my files to a new directory. Thanks to Hélène.

October 29 1998
I add a pic at the videos section

October 30 1998
Added the story section

November 23 1998
I add a FAQ at the Videos Section

November 27 1998
I add some links, and be ready on November 30, the 17 new episodes will air on Cartoon Network at 4h00 PM(Eastern)

December 18 1998
Sorry for the lack of updates,I'm very besy with real-life stuffs. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

January 9 1999
thanks to an other piece of souvenir of SMNS founded elsewhere, I made a cosmetic renovation at the Story section

January 11 1999- put the Faq on a separate page.

January 27 1999 Receive SM files from David Jatzke,maintener of the late SM Gemrmany (a German SM page)and columnist at the German web magazine Neo-Ami so some of them will be came up to the site(after I translate them in English) add an other question to the FAQ

February 6 1999
fixed some links at the links page

February 10 1999: fixed all links which websites are located at Anime City

Februrary 20 1999: A big thanks you to Kristina alias JupiterKat to sending me the Senshis bios of her late page Sailor Senshi Planet Pride,as for the German SM files, I don't know depsite than I never learned German, I study the possibility to revive SM Germany, I haven't decicded yet

March 20 1999: I decided to put a fanfiction library, if you have a good story, you can send me one but you must see my conditions at the Fanfictions page

April 2 1999: Fix the link to Mangaseeker

April 8 1999: Add the links to mirror sites of Anime Turnpike,SOS,"What's in the name? A SM page", updated the link to DIRE

April 27 1999: Fixed some mispelled faults as the Senshis bios(thanks to Ilene Enright,Anakin Leuquarte and Sailor Chibichibilyn and removed temporarily the link to the Pit of the Lunar Inquisition

April 28 1999: Added the first fanfic: "Deep Water" by Auston

May 18 1999: replaced the link of Mangaseeker to Mangacenter, updated the link to Sailor Pacifica's page

June 19 1999: put the pictures of the Inners(except Serena/Usagi)and the Outers,Anime Pitstop's link is removed.

July 1 1999: Happy Canada day, Sailor Moon never will be at http://members.tripod.com/~SerenaPlease update your bookmarks

July 4,1999: Happy Independance Day, fixed the link to Anime Pitstop and Sailor Moon Nexus,replaced What's In a name?A SM page by Sae's Distants Reamls, Sailor Moon Never Seen will soon be on the hands of an other webmaster, I'll keep the name secret until new order.

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