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FAQ, this is a FAQ about the website not the SM FAQ, for the SM FAQ, I recommand to see the SM FAQ HTML copy of Ken's SM FAQ by the Ottawa-Carleton Sailor Moon Clubor an other Html copy at

Why this page is name "Sailor Moon Never Seen"?
I named it with this title because I will revive a page who had one time ago this title,and giving a tribute to the originals creators of "SM Never Seen" website,Hélène Beaulieu and Tim Ryan.
When will you finish the website?
I don't know but I hope to finish as soon as I can despite stuffs like real life. I re-built this page from the beginning.

Where I can find a SM Screen Saver or Multimedia Player?
You can find them at Otaku World

When is Sailor Moon on and where is being broadcast? Scott Delahunt give lots of infos about that,you can e-mail him at or check the newsgroup or this site.

Where I can find episodes,movies You can find here but I have only copies of the Dic episodes unfortunately there Simpsons episodes in the same tapes. E-mail to Edmond to have the Dic episodes,Japanese episodes and even tapes from the French SM dub or you can also get some Japanese subbed copies at VKLLor check Fansubs.Netfor a list of distributors.

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