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Deep Water


Hi, this is a very short story about... well guess ! And I just felt in a total romantic mood and I figured *if* my reputation survived the other fanfic that I wrote with my friend Becca, then you could read this one. I must warn you though right now I am into metaphors and symbolism because I have just been through reading Lord of the Flies And I just loved that book and I *highly* recommend reading and seeing the movie! I hope you like this and if you do *please, please, please* write me back and let me know what you think! Try to figure out what's going on ... it's well..., let me know if *anyone* figure's out what I am trying to say here k? It's shorter then I usually write my fanfic's but this was a little more difficult then usual ! Email Auston Disclaimer: U know I always seem to miss writing these things with my fanfiction so I am writing this now........,!!! ~~SAILOR MOON DOES NOT BELONG TO ME


She looked lovingly into his deep blue eyes. How she loved his eyes as if she could swim in them and they were the pool. She would take her clothes off bit by bit just to swim deeper and farther into them. But she would not let herself drown. She couldn't, no she wouldn't allow herself to speak to him, afraid that the rope that encircled her heart might snap and she would in fact drown and never see the light again. The blue eyes blinked once... twice... at her and she smiled silently, a cute smile. If you looked at her smile you would think that it was a pretty day and the bees were swarming around in their nests. The blue eyes smiled back at her and she was feeling like she could float on air. She could feel something rough in my hands, she lingered a little bit longer , the eyes nodded at me and she nodded. back. She looked down and there was a ring. She looked up startled and then she looked down. It was a small simple ring, nothing fancy. But it was silver. The hands came down like a fishnet taking hold of a fish, but they were gentle and took the ring out of the box and the hands showed me what was written inside. " Secret remembrance... " and I look up at the eyes once more and I know what the secret the ring is saying, and I will treasure that secret it tells *I* do swim and drown into the pool.

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