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Sailor ChibiChibimoon

Thanx to Yaten's Sis for the pic for this!
"ChibiChibi, ChibiChibi, ChibiChibi..."


Japanese name: Chibichibi
NA name: ?
Identities: ChibiChibi, Sailor ChibiChibi, Sailor Cosmos (Manga), Sailor Galaxia's Star Seed (Anime)
Meaning: Small Small
Blood type: O
Age: Approx. 2
Birthday: June 30th
Sign: Cancer
Hobbies: ?
Fav. food: Doughnuts
Least fav. food: None
Fav. color: Red and Blue
Fav. animal: ?
Fav. subject: ?
Least fav. subject: ?

Extra Info:


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